Archival Attitudes


Digital images mounted on foamboard. 
Paper, cardboard, glue.

A library, an archive and an art gallery- these space are used as collections of books, historic documents and objects and art work. We use them for those specific purposes.

In this series of images, I set out to look at archives and collections separately from their contents. How do we store things that are important to us? Should we con- sider objects in relation to the way we keep them?

My miniature paper models represent, duplicate and imitate real and constructed archive facilities and spaces.

At first they deceive the viewer, but after some observation, the handmade and constructed nature of the objects becomes apparent. The tradition of crafts creates associations of home and domestic work which brings the (mostly) public spaces into a personal context. Similar to owning a ‘Wunderkammer’ in earlier times, we now have the opportunity of owning our own miniature collections.

Each photograph has been created with a found image in mind. The final image isn’t a complete copy but allows the viewer to decode the subject through associations with similar objects he is familiar with. The paper objects exist as part of the overall scene and can be read as (image) subjects but they also exist as physical bodies in their own right.